Why horses?

Horses have been in our lives for centuries. They have plowed our fields, carried us in war, delivered our mail and pulled our wagons. Most of all they love to please and will be a faithful friend when treated with respect and dignity. Unlike dogs who are predator’s horses are prey animals. Horses are highly sensitive to their environment and they have to be in order to survive. They can also read a persons energy and intention. Horses come in different sizes and breeds. Some horses are very large and powerful which can be intimidating to a person when initially introduced. Some horses are small which are ideal for children to connect to and appreciate their amazing gifts.

What can you learn from Horses in Equine Therapy?

We will learn that the horse is a herd animal which means they naturally desire company. They are very social and love to create bonds. Horses will develop a relationship with humans when they feel that the human is ready. Horses pick up energy from the environment and from humans and they have a innate ability to mirror the thoughts and behaviors of others. Because they are prey animals, they read body language and respond instantly. If the horse senses a negative attitude and defensive body language chances are the horse will not want to interact with that person. So when we change our body language, breath and relax the horse in turn will respond more positively. Horses also have their own personality. They can be stubborn, and seemingly defiant at times but so can we. They do like to have fun and often turn exercises into games. Horses are a natural partner during the learning process, providing vast opportunity for growth.